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bratton. the city of oakland wants him as a consultant. the chief called him one of the brightest minds in policing. the method can be controversial. he has supported stock -- stop and frisk in new york. supporters say look at his record. >> he brought crime down in los angeles and helped to get minority people working and complaints went down if that city. it was a change for the good and for the better. >> you pour money into people from outside of our community to solve the problems of violence in our community. violence is a language of unheard so you need to start with people who live here when they are telling you what it is they want, what they need. >> the vote came just two hours ago, 2:30 in the morning at 7-1 vote with brooks voting against the hire.
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the chief and the mayor of oakland insist bratton will "advise" city leaders with the ultimate decision theirs. they say oakland will not stand for rail -- racial profiling. >> a driver is in custody after a chase that started in hayward and ended across the bay in san francisco. c.h.p. officers followed a black s.u.v. across the bay bridge last night. the driver was going the wrong way on the bridge before turning around. the chase ended several minutes later at south van ness street. it ran over spike streets. there were black suitcases in the trunk but in word on what was in them. >> this morning we learned the name of the man shot to death at a bart station in san leandro. it could be a case of being in the wrong case at the wrong
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time. the 50-year-old was caught in the crossfire between two groups at the station on saturday, a teenager girl was wounded, but is expected to survive. police arrested one person so far. >> a man suspected of a laser attack on our helicopter while we were covering an oakland shooting will be arraigned today. this man, 40-year-old riley was arrested. he aimed a laser at our chopper in east oakland on monday night. even low powered lasers can blind pilots. he faces a fine up to $11,000 or five years in prison. he is held on $10,000 bail. >> three marin county day care workers charged in the accidental death of a baby if their care are scheduled to be in court. the magic place children center in san rafael is closed after the state revoked their license. the owner and two staffers face
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misdemeanor charges in the death of the four-month-old baby boy they cared for. the infant accidentally suffocated on his bedding. the owner has pleaded not guilty to violating child licensing charges. the baby's parents filed a lawsuit. >> in texas a 22-year-old man is charged in a shooting at a community college. the suspect is facing aggravated assault charges. he remains hospitalized from a self inflicted wound from the shooting at lone star college. it started as an argument between two and escalated into gunfire. another man was shot and a maintenance worker hit in the crossfire. >> all eyes on capitol hill as secretary of state, hillary clinton, finally testifies on the terror attack in libya. it killed four including a u.s. ambassador from the bay area. abc7 news reporter is live in
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the newsroom with a preview. >> in less than two hours, secretary of state, hillary clinton will begin the long awaited testimony on security lapses in benghazi starting in front of the senate foreign relations committee. a spokeswoman said she will tell the committee how the department is already implementing recommendations made in a critical report. she will answer questions how terrorists were able to attack the consulate and kill the ambassador and bay area native chris stevens and three other members. questions like, why wasn't there more security in such a dangerous place? were you aware there were requests for more security? if not, why not? if so, why were the requests denied? aides say she will accept blame as she did in october. >> i take responsibility. i'm in charge of the state department. 60,000 plus people all over the word, 275 posts. >> she was scheduled to testify
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before congress last month but an illness, a concussion, and a blood clot near her brain forced her to postpone the appearance. this will probable be her last act in congress before she steps down as secretary of state. she starts in the senate at 6:00 this morning and moves to the house foreign affairs committee at 2:00. >> it is 4:36. >> mike talked of the possibility for the commute to be wet and some of us could see rain. we did not see any coming in. >> no, but it is noticeably warmer. >> refreshing change to walk outside and not freeze and not see ice on the car and not have to describe. we had rain reach sonoma county airport but that is the only reporting station that had anything that was measurable. this is headed from south to north so a very mild flow. temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. most of this rain you see right
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here looks impressive because it has oranges in it, and it will continue headed up to the north and miss most of sonoma county. here is the entire system, the low to the south is what will come up toward us and as we head through the day we will go from sprinkle to mild temperatures this morning, to rain developing in a lot of areas by noon with more rain by 4:00. we will have it taper to scattered showers headed into the evening and overnight. our temperatures today will be four to six degrees cooler than yesterday. we will have a few left over showers for thursday. we get a brief break on friday before more rain is possible and cooler conditions saturday. be careful. here is sue. >> we go to dublin westbound 580 to san ramon off-ramp reports of a car off the roadway. you do not see slow traffic at this point. there could be a lane blockage when you get the tow truck but the drive off the altamont pass to dublin/pleasanton is looking
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good. westbound skyway at fifth, the early accident has been towed off of the bay bridge. the fire at oak street, avoid that area in san francisco. fire crews are on the scene and emergency crews are on the scene. highway one, road work until 5:00 this morning and one-way traffic control. the golden gate bridge is cleared off the waldo grade to san francisco. the macarthur maze shows everything is moving nicely here. kristen and eric? we will keep an eye on the san francisco fire. >> new details on sexual assault allegations against 49ers wide receiver and investigators are questioning the accusers' claims . >> now the tech bytes this morning. >> microsoft and dell
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partnership, providing the financing to take the computer maker private which is the largest maker of computers that run on windows. if you prefer nets by hand check out the target i-notebook. what you write on paper appears on an ipad using a special pen and sensor and the "wall street journal" says there is a certain flare to hand written notes. >> people would rely on personal hand written notes will like this product because they cannot type that fast or they like to draw things or make notes as they go. >> it only works with the ipad
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>> santa rosa, berkeley and san jose and all the bay area this is abc seven news. >> good morning, there is
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indications the sexual assault allegations against 49ers michael crabtree are not holding up after a police source was quoted. two women said he did not assault anyone. on friday the police said they investigated a complaint the 25-year-old player assault add woman hours after the 49ers lay off game against green bay packers. the chronicle says the woman who filed the complaint was one of these who joined crabtree for a room party at the w hotel in san francisco. the police source tells the newspaper that no damaging physical evidence has been recovered. >> city colors of san francisco plan to meet to talk about threats to close campuses and cut benefits and layoffs. the community college district laid off 70 to trim the budget. the administration must fix 14 problem areas to keep the schools accreditation by march 15 the deadline for city college
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to notify employees if they lose their jobs in the fall. officials have come up with a doomsday plan if they have to close in june including helping students transfer to other colleges and storing transcripts. organizers of the group to save the community college will meet at 4:30 on the second floor of the college. >> there is proposal of a ban of plastic bags in large grocery stores. the large stores heard have a ban. there is a bush for a uniform ban saying it is better for businesses. the proposal goes into affect at all large grocery stores across california by 2015. stores then have to offer recycled pain bags and sell reusable bags. >> if you have heard the sound of a leaf blower in the early morning, you understand the city of san mateo and why they are considering a ban on gas and electric powered machines.
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>> it is not just the noise pollution the city is concern about. our reporter has the story. >> that is the noise that is driving many residents to support a ban on leaf blowers. >> a waste of energy, of gasoline, and the smell of the engine is what bothers me. >> do you favor a ban? >> i would. >> no. if they had a solution if leafs, may. >> the device convinced -- this divisive issue has had the city council review different leaf blowers and there was a demonstration. >> i am leaning to a full ban but i wanted to gather more information. >> the city mayor says the issue began as one of noise. then questions arose regarding the health effects on workers and anyone in range. that bothers a council member.
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>> breathing in what is being blown out whether it is fungus or bacteria. >> she supports a ban but some worry about the effect on business according to the landscape business. the financial impact for the business has to be considered. >> it is calculated to be two or three times the time required to do the same amount of work. >> the city will have the staff study the effect on the blowers and meet in march on the issue. >> it is 4:45. 49er fever is spreading and many fans imitate their sport heroes but kaepernick fans are wearing more than the jersey. this video shows temporary tattoos that mimic the term tattoos on the 49ers arms and a tattoo parlor is offering 49er logo tattoos for $49.
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>> guess who is seeing red? red and gold, atlanta city hall is in 49er colors making good on a mayor's wagers. abc7 viewers posted this photo. thank you very much, we love that. last night, atlanta mayor tweeted this photo saying city hall is gold tonight. thank you. they plan to send a few georgia peaches to the san francisco mayor. abc7 will follow the 49ers to new orleans for the big game. abc7 news experts director and our reporter with a super bowl himself will head up the team. >> he does have a super bowl ring. >> 4:46 and now the forecast. you may need the umbrella. >> absolutely, especially up north, where the bulk of the rain will fall and work into the south bay. now, looking outside, you will
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notice that the lights on the bay bridge look beautiful if you get a chance to see that after you travel across it. it looks nice. you can see it from the picture here from mount tamalpais to sausalito and to san francisco. it looks more hazy around because we have moisture in the area. live doppler 7 hd shows around san mateo bridge south are we are picking up the blue and light green so there are sprinkles falling from fremont across dumbarton bridge to redwood city and palo alto and to hayward. this is headed to the north so hayward and san leandro and oakland and alameda you can see across to angel island and through the peninsula from south san francisco and daly city and into san francisco, possibility of sprinkles the next half hour. bulk of the wet weather is to the west of sonoma county so that means it will clip sea
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large but more likely head to ukiah. the temperatures are warm this morning: mid-50's in the remain whattest spots to mid-40's! that is as cool as it is, 45 in santa rosa. our forecast: rain develops. cooler conditions today. scattered sures are possible tonight. a weak system will scatter light showers and cooler weather for saturday, sunday, and monday. sound familiar? like the pat when we had back in late december but it will not be that wet in early january. from the arctic circle to the tropics, there is a stream of subtropical moisture. rain, when it falls, could be a healthy amount. the bulk is in the north bay until later in the morning and into the afternoon hours then we have rain developing all the way through, say, about 7:00 or and it becomes scatters showers
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and lighter dug the overnight hours and we stay in this flow so we will have scattered showers tomorrow. also, by friday, they are out of here. rainfall amounts are looking impressive at a quarter to three quarters of an inch. upper 50's to low 60's today and tomorrow. mid-50's to 60 on friday when it is dry and look at the mid-50's with scattered light showers, saturday, sunday, and monday. >> we take you now to just a few more minutes of road work in oakland, southbound, 880, fruitville to 66 they will pick that up by 5:00. dumbarton bridge, westbound until 5:00, a few more minutes and this is road work, eastbound, lanes are blocked until 6:00, of course, the reverse commute direction. san jose, southbound, aye from 101 to fremont avenue the road work for another ten minutes until they get it cloned -- cleaned up. the bay bridge is a minor delay in the right toll-paying or cash
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paying lanes headed in the westbound direction with no delays on the upper deck and a look at the san mateo bridge, light traffic moving from hayward to san mateo. christian and eric? >> now to the bizarre romantic hoax involving notre dame linebacker manti te'o who is giving the first televised interview about the online girlfriend hoax on the katie show on abc7. he sat down with a a one-on-one chat with his parents talking about the hoax and how he fell for it. we have the first exclusive sound from his parents later this morning on the abc7 only news at 6:30. on "good morning america" we will hear from manti te'o and his entire interview with katie will air tomorrow at 3:00 right here on abc7. >> it is now about 4:51. >> lands for a japanese clothing stores and they have their eye on bay area locations.
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>> if there was an "unlike" button
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>> all eyes are on apple this afternoon when they release the latest earnings which could be a major disappointment. according to the "los angeles times" the consensus is they will report $55 billion in revenue. many expect only $13 a share in earnings, down 46 cents a share from a year ago, the first drop in a decade. investors may see it as a sign that the new mix of products including the ipad mini are hurting the company's usually high profit margin. the earnings report is released at 2:00 p.m. after today's trade closes on wall street. >> the buzz of the new iphone 6 is it will include fingerprint
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detection. apple analysts say the company is preparing to install a hardware fingerprint sensor adding fuel to the fire after they acquired a company that provides fingerprint technology. followers say to expect a new announcement by june for iphone 6. >> you have checked facebook? posting and "liking" that could make you unhappy. researchers found one if three felt worse after visiting the site. the issue is people become envious of their friend's lives and more unhappy with their own. researches say viewing vacation photos were the biggest cause of resentment. followed by their friends' social interaction comparing how many birthday wins they get or how many "likes" or comments were made on photos and posting. remember, it is misleading to see others' posting because no one will post the bad things. right if so, it is skewed.
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>> we hope we do not let things like that intrude in our lives. >> 56 to 62, you will "like" me on facebook. kidding. seriously, we have light rain that will develop across the bay. the sooner you get the more likely you will be dry but this afternoon we will be touched mostly by light rain that will be showers by overnight. you can see a nice wall of water coming right at the entire coastline and it is turning into snow in the higher elevations to the north and make it to tahoe. no weather advisories and nothing falls there. there will be an easy drive getting there. 49 tahoe. 60 in sacramento and low-to-upper 70's in san diego and palm springs and the further south and east you are the less
4:55 am
likely you get wet. safe travels. now the commute. >> looking good. good morning, everyone, if you are driving out of antioch, westbound highway four you are at the limit at hillcrest to pittsburg and 242 in concord. and from the central valley it is looking good over the altamont pass out of tracy and central valley area. we have road work on highway we both directions with one way traffic control until 7:00 this morning and now over to eric? >> berkeley-based food company anni's is recalling homegrown pizza after metal american was found in the flour and the dough. all varieties of "rising crust frozen pizza" are affected and is distributed throughout the united states.
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they say no metal has been found in the finished product. this is precaution only. no consumer complaints or illnesses have been reported. >> two japanese retailers say bay area business is good and they will open more stores. our media partner reports that the company is expanding, the clotting store first moved to union square three months ago, known for magic mirror, that lets customers try on just one jacket and like magic electronically changes the color do see how it looks. no word on when the new stores will open and another home good store is planning to expand later this year in to downtown san jose. >> next at 5:00 a.m. a call for help is answered, the reinforcements come to deal with oaklands crime crisis. >> super bowl ticket holders are
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e w eltryeantryean ge, ,r-ssowi ve s,rsclto, y reoun'p yean
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. it is 5:00. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> no frost. but there could be moisture in the form of rain. >> but not enough to obscure the bay lights testing on the bay bridge. >> it is cool to see that drive across the bridge. live doppler 7 hd shows the best radar returns, with yellow in sonoma. we have light showers or sprinkles in the southern section of

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